Teatret Brændende Kærlighed | HÅNDEN | Jens Kløft | Burning Love Theater



a detective story

Dick van Dutch head of the Bureau of Intuitive Investigation is a keen investigator born with a nose for crime. But something or someone obstructs his investigation - the mystery builds up! A comic thriller featuring Jens Kløft in the role as the private detective Dick van Dutch. Physical street theater served with the company Burning Loves never failing flair for capturing life's eternal paradoxes.

 Theatre Burning Loves productions are funded by the Danish Art Council


Starring: Jens Kløft
Directed by: Rhea Leman
Producer: Annegrete Kraul

Where: As street theater or as a indoor show

For whom: All ages
Duration: 30 min.
Price idea: 700 Euros

The Danish newspaper Politiken wrote:
“Jens Kløft can hardly take a step without being funny. 
He is a natural born clown…”