Teatret Brændende Kærlighed | BIRDY | Jens Kløft | Burning Love Theater



Impresario and opera lover Sibelius Vogelfreud is getting ready to present his celebrity songbird MISS BIRDY. The audience is in place. Sibelius fixes the last details. We are ready. But no! - the cage is empty, the bird is gone, what to do?
BIRDY is a comic and poetic fable about losing and letting go. It is a non-verbal street theater performance that which mixes melodrama with clowning and visual storytelling.

Actor: Jens Kløft
Director: Rhea Leman
Producer: Annegrete Kraul

Touring outdoors as well as indoors.

The performance is produced with support from the Danish Actors Association, Danish Writers Guild and Nordea-fonden.