- a consumer comedy

Burning Love has climbed the scrapheap of civilization  and found inspiration for a comic performance about the madness and blessings of consumerism. How much is too much? What happens if you get too little? Will you be unhappy, when you lose it all again?

Burning Love deals with yet another burning issue with the usual eagerness to get their hands dirty, even if it means digging to the bottom of the trashcan – that´s where all the fun is.

Wasteland is an outdoor theater performance, in the physical, non-verbal, poetic and humorous style which has become the trademark of Burning Love.

The press wrote about ‘Burning Love:
"The connection to the Nobel Prize winner Dario Fos political  commenting Commedia Dell Arte-performances are not to be mistaken. The  theatre Burning Love shows that Danish theatre knows its stuff when it comes to outdoor performances." Børsen June 2008   

Authors: Annegrete Kraul and Jens Kløft
Director: Bodil El Jørgensen
Actors: Katharina Kamber/Kristian Dinesen, Line Svendsen, Jens Kløft
Set-Design: Henriette Drejer Lubanski

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